Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two New "Peg Leg" Machines

Latest "Peg Leg" machines by Jay Brown, #08/2010 is a design of Jay's, the "New Model" and is sold but he can make more, #09/2010 is a Owen Jensen Tribute which is Sold as well. $300 + shipping & insurance. PayPal or Money Order Only. Pro Artists Only!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New "Peg Leg" Shader Machine

"Peg Leg" Shader Machine #07/2010
by Jay Brown
here is another of this design of "Peg Leg" machine, this one is a Grayshader machine. It has 3/8" 8 wrap coils and ran in at 7volts, .38amps, 131hz, 44% duty onm my Critical unloaded. Tattooed with it and it runs great!! SOLD

Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010 "Alien" Machines - 1 off's

"Alien" Series by Jay Brown
Brass Hand Carved One Off's
Here is the first Machine of 2010, another in my "Alien" one-off series. This one was built for Matt Johnson of Falling Moon to celebrate 10 years tattooing. Each machine features a Hand Carved, Drilled, Taped & Finished Brass or Bronze Frame, Hand Wrapped Coils, Handmade A-Bar & Yoke, Hand Turned Brass Front & Rear Binders, Hand Cut Springs, Copper Washers and Solder Lugs at electrical contacts, & the Finest Hardware, Hand Tuned to your liking!! Limited Edition!!I am currently taking orders for 2010's "Alien" Machines.
$300 + s&h . Pros Only. PayPal or M.O. only. Shiped USPS Priority