Friday, April 07, 2006

Brass Squareback Jonsey Replica - Limited Edition

These cast brass machines are based after my 1941 Jonsey, that I inherited from Mr. R.J. Rosini, the machine he used till the day he died. These are hand finished cast brass machines, hand finished and tuned by J. Brown a 20 year tattoo veteran. 8 or 10 wrap coils with old school flash covers, oversized armature bar, dime tube vise screw, quarter or penny on spring saddle, Polished, engraved, Limited Edition of 100 Machines. Set up the way you want them to run. Comes with a Limited Edition Box with Old School Flash sheet on lid. $250 + shipping. To Ortder contact J. Brown at: or call 208-883-9690 Tues.- Sat. 2-9pm PST.