Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jay Brown wins Terry Wrigley Award at National

     Jay Brown has won many awards of his 26 years of tattooing, many for
his skill in the art of tattooing,
 the A.P.T.'s Certificate of Tattoo Mastery,
and the Rosini Award. This year at the 33rd Annual National Convention
Jay was bestowed with one of tattooings highest honors, the Terry Wrigley
Award, for Outstanding Contributions to the Tattoo Profession.
Jay is very Thankful to the tattoo community for this award, and will continue to serve
the tattoo profession, thru his tattoo machines, and his writing for Tattoo Artist
Magazine Blog and Tattoo Life Magazine, and currently his newest project,
the Northwest Tattoo Museum, preserving tattoo history in the NW.


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