Monday, November 06, 2006

Considering Apprenticeship?????

Ok Here it is and some of it is going to be harsh but I feel getting strait to the point especially when it comes down to something as important as teaching someone the Sacred Art of Tattoo. So if you are looking for a free ride, something for nothing, want to be tattooing next week, think you know it all, want to be a rock star, get rich and famous, think you are the greatest artist in the world, my program is not for you.
If you are considering Tattoo Artistry as a Lifetime comitment and career, and want to learn all there is to do it for a lifetime, are not afraid of hard work, know it takes time to learn how to create indelable art on someones body for the rest of their life, and get paid for it, my program may be for you.
I am an Award Winning Old School Tattoo Artist of 25 years and have completely comitted my life to Tattooing. I started with apprenticeship and paid a high price for it, and then relearned it from a Master. I am still learning to this day, and believe although you can master a craft, you never stop learning. In order to gain more knowledge about tattooing, I started attending, and later working at Tattoo Conventions across the country in 1992. In 1993 I was given a great oppurtunity to work on R.J. Rosini's World Famous Tattooing Gypsy Tour. I worked 12 - 18 shows a year, for several years, which gave me an oppurtunity to watch and learn from some of the industries finest tattoo artists such as Guy Atchinson, Paul Booth, Shaun Anderson, Bob Montagna, Philadelphia Eddie, Henry Goldfield, Bert Rodriguez, Bob Tyrell, Greg Skibo, Sailor Moses, Famous Leg Greg, Chris Trevino, Gil Montie, Snake Yates, Paul Massaro, Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, and the list goes on. To this day I still attend and work at many conventions and have learned from a plethera of the New Shcool artists out there. I also have the esteem pleasure of owning, with my partners Mike Powell, and Cherokee Chuck & Christine Shaffer, one of the Oldest and Most Famous tattoo Shop in Sturgis during the Rally every year, the Rosini Tattoo Family, Gypsy Tour Tattooing. SO enough with the name dropping, I think you get the point, I have been around, and seen and learned alot, and have a lot of connections.
So on to my program. In my 2 year program, I teach the apprentice about Tattoo History, Machine Fabrication and Tuning, Pigment Making, Tattoo Design and Layout, Needle Building, Flash Making, Tattoo Technique, Business Management and Marketing, Convention Circuit, etc., etc., etc. #Everything that a person needs to know to do this for a lifetime. I am a member of the National Tattoo Association, the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, and the founder of the American Tattoo Artists Association, which I can pass on memberships to my apprentices. Also the Rosini Tattoo Family is a net work of many artists and shops so there is Job Placement upon completion. In 2 year I not only teach the apprentice but provide in depth text and testing, something that is not offered in other programs, to show the apprentice and award them for their accomplishments. Now it is not all silver lining, there is hard work involved in the program, and you won't be tattooing for about 8 - 12 months, and not for money until the second year, depending on proficiency. One thing I can tell you if you make it through my program, you are guaranteed to make it big in the tattoo industry. So if this hasn't deterred you this might,,,,I charge $5000 for my 2 year program and you are expected to support yourself until you start tattooing for money. It is much like going to college, but $5000 isn't a drop in the bucket compared to a college degree. Don't feel bad, I paid $10,000 for mine and that was 20 years ago!!! So if that didn't scare you off, and you have Artistic Talent, and the Integrity to see this through, give me a call or email and we will talk more and go from here. Keep in Mind, EVERYONE that has completed my program is either a shop owner or are a lead artist. This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity, and I don't think I will offer it again for some years. Tattooing is overwhelmed by Fligh By Night Operators, this is the way to do it right............Call or Email J. Brown At:
208-596-4363 or