Saturday, January 07, 2006


Well the time has come again to give the Rosini Award away once again. This year we will have 2 reciepients, one of which has been deserving for a long time. So I am announcing that Philadelphia Eddie Funk will be recieving the Rosini Award this year. Due to health problems Eddie will not be able to attend the Ink Travelers Convention in Vancouver Washington at the Red Lion at the Quay February 16th - 19th 2006, so we are going to deliver it to him. I can't think of anyone better and more deserving than Eddie. This is a man who gave everything to the tattoo world. Also there will be a second reciepient of the Rosini Award this year who will be announced at the convention, I know it's odd to do 2 at one time but that's how it needed to be done. SO I hope to see a lot of you in Vancouver at the 4th Annual Ink Travelers....


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